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How can i add simscape block programmatically

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Sam on 29 Aug 2019
Answered: Steve Miller on 17 Aug 2020
I konw how to add the basic simulink block programmatically. But when i use the same method, there is always something went wrong with the path name of the block source. How should i specifiy the name of the block source path properly?
add_block('simscape/Electrical/Specialized Power Systems/Fundamental Blocks/Mutual Inductance','Model_auto_generation_Mutual_inductance_considered')
Sam on 26 Nov 2019
Hi Yifeng,
Thanks for your answer. It worked.

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Answers (1)

Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 17 Aug 2020
Looks like Yifeng's comment answered your question:
If you open Simulink Library and hover the mouse over the block you want, the proper block path will show up.
If you have a follow-up question, let us know.

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