Gridlines when exporting .pdf in Word 2016

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MichailM am 1 Jun. 2019
Kommentiert: Jan am 20 Nov. 2019
When importing an emf figure in Word 2016 the gridlines look fine but when exporting the document in pdf the transparency is wrong. Has anyone ever experienced this issure with emf files generated with MATLAB?
While in Word:
Exported in pdf through Word
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Jan am 20 Nov. 2019
@MichailM: Did you embed a TIFF preview in the created EPS file? Such a preview is a raster image, but at least it is visible in Word. When printing to paper or to a PDF the vector graphics are included.

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Jan am 14 Jun. 2019
Bearbeitet: Jan am 16 Jun. 2019
You can replace the grid my drawing the lines manually with the wanted color. Would this solve the problem?
aAxesH = axes('NextPlot', 'add');
GridStyle.Color = [0.5, 0.5, 0.5];
GridStyle.LineStyle = '-';
GridStyle.HitTest = 'off';
Child = get(aAxes, 'Children');
XTick = get(aAxes, 'XTick');
YTick = get(aAxes, 'YTick');
XLimit = get(aAxes, 'XLim');
YLimit = get(aAxes, 'YLim');
newGrid = cat(1, ...
line([XTick; XTick], YLimit, 'Parent', aAxes, GridStyle), ...
line(XLimit, [YTick; YTick], 'Parent', aAxes, GridStyle));
set(aAxes, 'Children', [Child; newGrid]); % See: uistack % [EDITED: vChild -> 'Children']
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Jan am 16 Jun. 2019
@MichailM: My suggested code contained a typo:
% Was:
set(aAxes, vChild, [Child; newGrid]); % See: uistack
% Should be:
set(aAxes, 'Children', [Child; newGrid]); % See: uistack

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