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Simulink custom library help, relative file paths to image not working

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I am writing a help file for custom libraties. I am susing HTML to write help. I am having trouble using relative path when calling image file.
This code
<p><img src="Help/Picture1.png" alt="Block1 description" width="300" /></p>
does not show image when I open block's help page. If I save code as a *.html in myLib folder I can see picture in web browser. 'Help' foder is located in the same folder together with myLib.slx file.
Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Is block's help file generated (stored) somewhere else so maybe relative path is not correct? If I use absolute file path - no problem.
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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang am 30 Nov. 2018
Does it make a difference if using "./Help/Picture1.png"?
Mike Buba
Mike Buba am 30 Nov. 2018
No. I tried and it does not.
It works fine if I copy all to separate html file and open it in the web browser. This html file is located in the same location where myLib.slx is.

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Mike Buba
Mike Buba am 3 Dez. 2018
I saved Help as html file (e.g. myLibHelp.html). In this html file I used realtive path and tested in web browser.
For each block under Mask -> Edit Mask -> Documetation tab -> Mask help I used
It works.
In my case myLibHelp.html and myLib.slx are in the same folder.

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