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how can i calculate rmse ?

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nadia am 19 Jun. 2016
Hi, I want to calculate rmse without using for loops between 2 images. this should produce a number not a matrix. can you help me?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst am 26 Jun. 2016
Use the immse() function in the Image Processing Toolbox.

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Muhammad Usman Saleem
Muhammad Usman Saleem am 19 Jun. 2016
Bearbeitet: Muhammad Usman Saleem am 19 Jun. 2016
if you upload your images, batter for me to make a code then. Try this prototype
in order to calculate some RMS error for your images, you require two points
(1) YourOrginalimaege
(2) Extimatedimage
Then you can calculate RMS error as
RMS=sqrt(sum(YourOrginalimage (:)-Extimatedimage (:))^2/N) % thanks to John
where N may be total no of samples in YourOrginalimage
Check it and tell me?
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John D'Errico
John D'Errico am 19 Jun. 2016
Um, NO!
You need to square those differences before the sum. In your formula, there is no square operation at all.
As importantly, if the image arrays are stored as uint8, the computation you propose will fail completely. Those image values must first be assured to be doubles before any such computation.
Muhammad Usman Saleem
Muhammad Usman Saleem am 28 Jun. 2016
has corrected now

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