Searching a webpage for 'href="'

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Janis Uhrig
Janis Uhrig am 19 Apr. 2016
Bearbeitet: Jan am 21 Apr. 2016
Is there a way to search on a webpage for the string 'href="' like it is done with the string 'http:' in cleve molers surfer.m example?
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Guillaume am 19 Apr. 2016
Can you provide a link to that example?
Janis Uhrig
Janis Uhrig am 21 Apr. 2016 // Here they are looking for the string 'http:' ,but the website I want to crawl does have the links like this: href="studierende/bachelor-studiengaenge/betriebswirtschaft/aktuelles/terminplaene/terminplan-ss/" class="link">Terminplan</a. So the algorithm can't find the link.

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Meade am 20 Apr. 2016
Try regexp . For example:
exp = '<href="\w+">'
matches = regexp(youStr,exp,'match')

Jan am 21 Apr. 2016
Bearbeitet: Jan am 21 Apr. 2016
index = strfind(Str, 'href=')

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