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Convert Simulink to m file

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Friedrich Tuttas
Friedrich Tuttas am 16 Apr. 2024
Beantwortet: Kiran Kintali am 21 Apr. 2024
A lot (or most or all?) of the configuration of a simulink file can be done programmatically. Is there a way to convert an existing simulink slx file into an m file that contains all (important) steps necessary to build the slx file? I do not care so much about the visual documentation that the simulink file inherently comes with (routing of signals, position of blocks). So, an m file containing all commands to build an slx file is enough for me. The advantage would be that one can more easily track the text-based m file in programs like git (I am aware that there are ways to track simulink files as well but I prefer text-based files).

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R am 19 Apr. 2024
It is not possible to convert a .SLX file into a .M file directly. You can only generate C, C++, or HDL / VHDL from Simulink model using Simulink Coder.
The only way to achieve this is by programming the simulink model into a .M script manually.
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R am 19 Apr. 2024
There's no method available for achieving this automatically as of now.
Friedrich Tuttas
Friedrich Tuttas am 19 Apr. 2024
That is unfortunate. Thanks for the answer, though!

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Kiran Kintali
Kiran Kintali am 21 Apr. 2024
Correction in the above thread / Accepted Ansswer.
Simulink Coder and embedded Coder products support C, C++ code generation from Simulink.
However, MATLAB Coder and HDL Coder products directly support code generation C, C++ and VHDL/Verilog/SystemVerilog directly from MATLAB without requiring to model your algorithm graphically in Simulink.


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