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How to press any key to continue after running a command prompt

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Ifeoluwa Ajiboye
Ifeoluwa Ajiboye am 28 Jun. 2022
Beantwortet: Fangjun Jiang am 28 Jun. 2022
i am runnig a command pompt instruction using system(command) where command is a string for instructions to convert some data to CSV files (included in that string is an EXE which converts TDF files also in that string to CSV files). When this is run, the program executes and converts TDF fiies to CSV, after this, there is a press any key to continue to be done.
However, in matlab, my program is just stalled after the files have been converted. How can i add this press any key to the instruction?
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Ifeoluwa Ajiboye
Ifeoluwa Ajiboye am 28 Jun. 2022
No it does not the command is "<TDF2CSV.exe" "file2convert.TDF".
Jan am 28 Jun. 2022
Where did you get this function from? Is there a documentation?

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang am 28 Jun. 2022
This is an old technique. Run command as
TDF2CSV.exe file2convert.TDF << Dummy.txt
where Dummy.txt is a text file which contains one character (for your case).
The symbol "<<" is used to re-direct the content of the text file to the command prompt, as if the content of the text file is entered as key input at the prompt. It could be used to provide more elaborate inputs, but in your case, it is just any one key input.
Try this first at the command prompt directly and then make it work with system().
I wonder if below would also work, try it.
TDF2CSV.exe file2convert.TDF << "A"


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