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MATLAB stuck 'initializing', but opens fine in Safe Mode

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Umberto on 7 Nov 2014
I'm running MATLAB 2009a and I can't get it to start; it just keeps "initializing". But when I restart Windows in safe mode (with networking) it opens normally. I tried the following:
1. Ran sfc /scannow; no system file issues.
2. Ran chkdsk; no bad sectors.
3. Uninstalled and reinstalled MATLAB; did not solve the issue.
4. Did Windows system restore to a point prior to the time when the issue started; did not solve the issue.
5. Ran antivirus full system scan; no detections.
6. Ran Malwarebytes system scan; no detections.
Any ideas how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.
Star Strider
Star Strider on 8 Nov 2014
My pleasure!
I don’t know how to get you a new install of ‘spoolsv.exe’. I don’t know if TMW could help with that, but you could ask. Win 7 machines are still in production and I believe Win 7 is still available at Newegg and some others if you wanted to do a complete reinstall. (Save all your Gadgets, since they’re no longer available online. I miss them.) I doubt if Micro$oft will be any help at all.
Now I wish I’d put this as an Answer!
And no, you’re not an idiot. We’ve all had our share of ‘why didn’t I think of that’ moments.
(I’m now going to be sure I have a full set of Emergency Rescue Disks for my machines.)

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Answers (2)

Jan on 8 Nov 2014
Some Word files cannot be opened anymore. Some PDF files got corrupted. Foxit could not be uninstalled correctly. Matlab does not start fluently.
Your system is corrupted. You can try to repair it for some days or weeks. Or you can spend some hours for a fresh setup from scratch. When it runs again, create a disk image and care for a regular backup of the data. Then such troubles will not by frightening anymore in the future, because the restoring needs 20 minutes only.
Sorry for the pessimistic view. But it seems like you have invested more time already than a fresh install will take.
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Archana Ratnaparkhi
Archana Ratnaparkhi on 17 Mar 2018
great solution.Closing spoons.exe helped matlab cone out of intializing mode.Extremely thankful!

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