i m trying using converting signal processing block into hdl code , but some of the blocks are not compatible into hdl conversion .does anyone knows how to do it

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mathwork(Fmcw automotive radar system)
Rahul GOSWAMI on 23 Nov 2021
Many block like doppler estimator,Cfar etc are not getting converted into hdl.could you plz suggest some alternatives..

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Accepted Answer

Bharath Venkataraman
Bharath Venkataraman on 19 Jan 2022
Please check the Code Generation examples in Phased Array System Toolbox. The HDL code generation examples show how to implement CFAR, Range-Doppler and other techniques.

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Kiran Kintali
Kiran Kintali on 19 Jan 2022
This example is not supported for HDL Code Generation.
Consider using supported subset of Simulink for HDL Code generation.




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