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Virtual Mcity

Virtual Mcity 3D environment


The Virtual Mcity scene is a 3D environment containing a virtual representation of Mcity®, which is a testing ground belonging to the University of Michigan. For more details, see Mcity Test Facility.

The scene is rendered using the Unreal Engine® from Epic Games®.

Virtual MCity scene


To simulate a driving maneuver in this scene:

  1. Add a Simulation 3D Scene Configuration block to your Simulink® model.

  2. In this block, set the Scene source parameter to Default Scenes.

  3. Set the enabled Scene name parameter to Virtual Mcity.


The scene uses the world coordinate system to locate objects. The active area of the scene contains the road.

OverallActive Area

Top-down view of Virtual MCity scene

Close-up of the active area and the recommended vehicle starting location




Version History

Introduced in R2018b