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Inspect Components in Custom Views

View the hierarchy and connectivity of a component in a specialized view. Such views allow you to create simpler diagrams that only show a subset of the original model elements for a specific design activity or concern.

Open the Model

Open the ex_RobotArch_props model.


Inspect the Component and Its Connectivity

  1. Double-click the Sensors component, and then select the DataProcessing component.

  2. Right-click and select Create Spotlight From Component.

    The spotlight view launches and shows all model elements to which the DataProcessing component connects. The spotlight diagram is laid out automatically and cannot be edited. However, it allows you to inspect just a single component and study its connectivity to other components.


    Spotlight views are transient. They are not saved with the model.

  3. While in the spotlight view, shift the spotlight to another component. Select the Motion component. Click the ellipsis above the component to open the action menu. To create a spotlight from the component, select the icon.

    To view the architecture model at the level of a particular component, select the component and click the icon.

  4. Return to the architecture model view by clicking .

  5. Close the model by closing the System Composer™ window.


More sophisticated filtering conditions can be created using the Architecture Views Gallery. For details, see Create Architecture Views Interactively.

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