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Build Real-Time Application

Real-time application building and downloading

To run a real-time application on a target computer, set the model configuration parameters to values consistent with real-time execution. See Simulink Real-Time Options Pane. To drive the model, create inport data and then build and download the real-time application.


Simulink Real-Time ExplorerInteract with target computer and real-time application running on target computer
Simulink Real-Time TET MonitorMonitor task execution time for the real-time application running on target computer


ApplicationRepresent application files on development computer


slrtExplorerOpen Simulink Real-Time explorer and interact with target computers and real-time applications


Simulink Real-Time Options Pane

Configure initial values for real-time application options.

Select Default Target Computer

Representing target computers with Simulink® Real-Time™ Explorer.

Create and Run Real-Time Application from Simulink Model

Adapt a Simulink model to run as a real-time model on a target computer.

Define and Update Inport Data

Map root inports to source data.

Inport Data Mapping Limitations

Limitations of inport data mapping in Simulink Real-Time.

Configure and Control Real-Time Application by Using Simulink Real-Time Explorer

Use Simulink Real-Time Explorer to run a real-time application and tune parameters.

Control and Update Stimulation of Inports to Real-Time Application

Stimulate the root inports of the application running on target computer.

Reduce Build Time for Simulink Real-Time Referenced Models

Build models in parallel by using Parallel Computing Toolbox™.


Troubleshooting in Simulink Real-Time

Troubleshoot problems that you encounter while using the Simulink Real-Time product

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