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Simulink Real-Time Options Pane


Log level

Selects filtering level that limits RTOS system messages that appear in the system log.

Force polling mode

Enables polling mode —instead of interrupt-driven mode— for clocking the real-time application.

Max file log runs

Selects the number of file log run to retain when logs are stored on the target computer.

Compile with GCC -ffast-math

Enables the GCC compiler -ffast-math option when compiling real-time application code.

Control the code created by Simulink® Coder™ code generation software for a Simulink Real-Time™ application. Set up general information about building real-time applications, including target, execution, data logging, and other options.


The Simulink Real-Time Options node in the Configuration Parameters dialog box allows you to specify how the software generates the real-time application. To reveal the Simulink Real-Time Options node, do the following:

  1. In the Code Generation pane, in the System target file list, select slrealtime.tlc or another Simulink Real-Time STF. This setting generates system target code for Simulink Real-Time.


    If you open a model that was originally saved with System target file set to xpctarget.tlc, the software updates the setting to slrealtime.tlc. To retain the updated setting, save the updated model.


  • The default values work for the generation of most real-time applications. If you want to customize the build of your real-time application, set the option parameters to suit your specifications.

  • To access configuration parameters from the MATLAB® command line, use:

    • gcs — To access the current model.

    • set_param — To set the parameter value.

    • get_param — To get the current value of the parameter.

To get help on an option

  1. Right-click the option text label.

  2. From the context menu, select What's This.

    Right click an option text label to access what's this help.