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Systems Engineering

Design and analyze system architecture using System Composer™ software

To model system architecture in the Simulink® environment, consider using System Composer and Simulink Requirements™ software.

System Composer enables the specification and analysis of architectures for model-based systems engineering and software architecture modeling. Design an architecture model to be simulated in Simulink while allocating requirements using Simulink Requirements.


Compose Architecture Visually (System Composer)

Create architecture models using built-in model element types, such as components, ports, and connections.

Manage Requirements (System Composer)

Manage, trace, and verify requirements using the Requirements perspective and the Test Manager.

Use Stereotypes and Profiles (System Composer)

Import profiles, apply stereotypes to model elements, and extend existing stereotypes.

Create Interfaces (System Composer)

Specify data interfaces with data elements, and value types as interfaces.

Analyze Architecture (System Composer)

Perform static analysis on a System Composer architecture to evaluate characteristics of the system.

Create Architecture Views Interactively (System Composer)

View structural and functional model hierarchies interactively.

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