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Set search scope to find models

Since R2023b



    modelfinder.setSearchDatabase(dbPaths) sets one or more database paths as the search databases for Model Finder. The search databases define the search scope for Model Finder to find models, examples, and projects based on your search query. For more information on searching databases, see modelfinder.


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    Set registered databases digital_systems.db and analog_systems.db located in specified paths as the search databases to find models.


    After setting the search databases, you can search for models, examples, and projects using the modelfinder function.

    Input Arguments

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    Absolute or relative paths to the database files to be set as the search databases to find models, examples, and projects, specified as a string scalar or character vector for a single database, or a string array or cell array of character vectors for multiple databases.

    Example: "communication/databases/digital_systems.db"

    Example: ["analog_systems.db","digital_systems.db"]

    Data Types: string | char | cell


    You can select search databases using the Model Finder user interface. For more information, see Configure and Search Databases.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2023b

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