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Search and open example models

Since R2022a



    modelfinder(str) finds models that match the specified search string. If there is more than one match, then all matching items are displayed as a list and you are prompted to select one.. Other options in the prompt include q to quit and m to see more results. If there are more than three words in the search term, then modelfinder treats the search as a natural language query and finds models that satisfy the natural language query.


    modelfinder(Name,Value) specifies search options using one or more name-value arguments. For example, you can filter models based on the combination of specific search strings and blocks.


    Models Matching Search String

    Use this command to display models that has the word autosar.

    1. AUTOSARCounterExample
             2. AuthorAUTOSARCompositionsInArchitectureModelExample
             3.   > autosar_tpc_actuator
             4.   > autosar_tpc_composition
             5.   > autosar_tpc_controller
             6.   > autosar_tpc_pedal_sensor
             7.   > autosar_tpc_system
             8.   > autosar_tpc_throttle_sensor1
             9.   > autosar_tpc_throttle_sensor2
            10.   > autosar_tpc_throttle_sensor_monitor
            11. ConfigureAndSimulateAUTOSARFiMServiceCallsExample
            12.   > autosar_bsw_fim
            13.   > autosar_bsw_fimmonitor
            14.   > autosar_bsw_fimoperationcycle
            15.   > autosar_bsw_fimsensor1
            16.   > autosar_bsw_fimsensor2
            17. CreateAndConfigureAUTOSARAdaptiveSoftwareComponentExample
            18. DesignAUTOSARComponentsExample
            19.   > autosar_composition
            20.   > autosar_swc_actuator
            21.   > autosar_swc_controller
            22.   > autosar_swc_monitor
            23.   > autosar_swc_pedal_sensor
            24.   > autosar_swc_throttle_sensor
            25.   > autosar_system
          Showing 1-25 of 68 matches. Enter (m) for more results.
          Enter the example number you want to open (choose number) OR 
          see more results (m) OR quit (q)

    Using Natural Language Query

    Use this command to filter models that satisfies the query solar panel models in simulink.

    modelfinder('solar panel models in simulink')
    1. GenerateHDLFromMultipleSimscapeNetworksExample
       2.   > Solar_Power_Inverter_Multiple_Network_HDL
       3.   > Solar_Power_Inverter_Multiple_Network_StateSpace
       4. HybridSolarPanelExample
            > sscv_hybrid_solar_panel
       5. PartitionLargeNetworkIntoMultipleSmallerNetworksExample
            > Solar_Power_Inverter_Single_Network_HDL
       6. ee_mars_helicopter_system
       7. ee_solar_boostconverter_maxpowerpoint
       8. ee_solar_generator
       9. ee_solar_gridconnected_singlephase
      10. ee_solar_gridconnected_threephase
      11. ee_solar_inverter
      12. ee_solar_panel
      13. ee_solar_standalone_acsystem_withbatterybackup
      14. ee_solar_standalone_dcsystem_withbatterybackup
      15. power_microgrid
      16. sm_solar_tracker
    Enter the example number you want to open (choose number) OR quit (q) : 

    Models with Additional Filters

    You can filter models that contains specific search string and blocks . For example, use this command to filter models that contains the word motor and the block gain.

     1. ssc_rankine_cycle
       2. ssc_refrigeration
       3. sscfluids_condenser_evaporator
       4. sscfluids_ev_thermal_management
       5. sscfluids_liquid_air_energy_storage
       6. sscfluids_refrigeration
       7. sscfluids_refrigeration_step2
       8. sscfluids_refrigeration_step3
       9. sscfluids_refrigeration_step4
      10. sscfluids_refrigeration_step5
      11. sscfluids_refrigeration_step6
      12. sscfluids_refrigerator
      13. sscfluids_residential_air_source_heat_pump
    Enter the example number you want to open (choose number) OR quit (q) :  

    Input Arguments

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    Search string specified as string. You can use wildcard (*) characters in the search. If there are more than three words in the string modelfinder treats it as natural language query.

    Example: modelfinder('autosar')

    Data Types: char | string

    Name-Value Arguments

    Specify optional pairs of arguments as Name1=Value1,...,NameN=ValueN, where Name is the argument name and Value is the corresponding value. Name-value arguments must appear after other arguments, but the order of the pairs does not matter.

    Example: modelfinder('fluid','blocks',{'condenser'}) finds models with the search string fluid having block name condenser. Models with Additional Filters

    Block names in search criteria specified as string. This argument limits the models displayed in the search result based on blocks present in the models.

    Example: modelfinder('motor','blocks','gain')

    Data Types: char | string

    If you specify this argument as on, search results are displayed with the path of the matched models and the matching characters from the search term. Additional information about the matched component, such as model name, annotations, and description is displayed. Search results that appear indented and prefixed with > are individual Simulink models that are part of a bigger example or project. You may open an individual model or an entire example, with the corresponding number.

    Example: modelfinder('pmsm models using discrete pulse generator','verbose','on')

    Data Types: char | string

    Number of results per page specified as positive integer. By default, 20 results are displayed per page.


    The number of results displayed may vary to preserve the model hierarchy in output.

    Example: modelfinder('pmsm models using discrete pulse generator','resultsPerPage',5)

    Data Types: char | string

    Version History

    Introduced in R2022a