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Large-Scale Modeling

Model architecture for large models and multi-user development teams

Examples and How To

Explore Simulink Project Tools with the Airframe Project

Try an example Simulink® project to see how the tools can help you organize your work.

Power Window

Try an example that focuses on the design of a passenger-side power window system for an automobile.


Componentization Guidelines

Organize your model into independently functional parts

Organize Large Modeling Projects

You can use Simulink Projects to help you organize your work.

Design Partitioning

Partition a design when it becomes too complex for one person to know all of the details.

Interface Design

Defining the “interface” of a software component, such as a C or MATLAB® code function or a Simulink subsystem, is a key first step before others can use it, for these reasons: When you need to change an interface, doing so is much easier if the components are stored under configuration management.

Configuration Management

Simulink projects can help you work with configuration management tools for team collaboration.