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Physical Units

Units and unit conversion functions available with physical modeling environment

Simscape™ software comes with a library of standard units, and you can define additional units, as needed. You specify the units along with the parameter values in the block dialogs, and Simscape unit manager performs the necessary unit conversion operations when solving a physical network. Simscape blocks support standard measurement systems. The default block units are meter-kilogram-second or MKS (SI).


pm_adddimensionAdds new dimension to unit registry
pm_addunitAdd new unit to unit registry
pm_getdimensionsGet information about all dimensions in unit registry
pm_getunitsGet information about all units in unit registry
simscape.computationalUnitDetermine computational unit for commensurate units
simscape.isCommensurateUnitCheck whether units are commensurate
simscape.mustBeCommensurateUnitValidate that units are commensurate


simscape.ValueCreate value with unit
simscape.UnitRepresent unit of measure without an associated value