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Set or get height of camera for satellite scenario viewer


camheight(viewer,height) sets the ellipsoidal height of the camera for the specified satellite scenario viewer.

heightOut = camheight(viewer,___) returns the ellipsoidal height of the camera. If the second input is height, then the function sets the output equal to the input height.

Input Arguments

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Satellite scenario viewer, specified as a satelliteScenarioViewer object. viewer must be specified as a scalar satelliteScenarioViewer object.[1]

Ellipsoidal height of the camera, specified as a numeric scalar in meters. Satellite scenario viewer objects use the WGS84 reference ellipsoid. For more information about ellipsoidal height, see Geodetic Coordinates.

If you specify the height so that the camera is level with or below the surface of the Earth, then the camheight function sets the height to a value one meter above the surface.

Introduced in R2021a

[1] Alignment of boundaries and region labels are a presentation of the feature provided by the data vendors and do not imply endorsement by MathWorks®.