Presentation Format Basics

Specify formatting for presentation

Specify presentation formatting by using a PowerPoint® presentation template, along with PPT API format objects and properties. See Presentation Formatting Approaches.


getMasterNamesGet names of slide masters for presentation
getLayoutNamesGet names of layouts for presentation slide master
openOpen presentation
closeClose presentation


mlreportgen.ppt.PresentationCreate Microsoft PowerPoint presentation
mlreportgen.ppt.SlidePresentation slide
mlreportgen.ppt.FontFamilyFont family
mlreportgen.ppt.FontColorFont color of presentation element
mlreportgen.ppt.FontSizeFont size
mlreportgen.ppt.BoldBold for text object
mlreportgen.ppt.ItalicItalic for text object
mlreportgen.ppt.StrikeStrike through text
mlreportgen.ppt.UnderlineUnderline text
mlreportgen.ppt.HAlignHorizontal alignment of paragraph
mlreportgen.ppt.VAlignVertical alignment of table entry content
mlreportgen.ppt.ColSpecFormatting for table column
mlreportgen.ppt.ColWidthTable column width
mlreportgen.ppt.BackgroundColorBackground color of presentation element
pptviewOpen Microsoft PowerPoint presentation or convert it to PDF


Presentation Formatting Approaches

With the PPT API, you can use a PowerPoint template and PPT API format objects and properties to specify the appearance of an object.

Set Up a PowerPoint Template

When you use an existing PowerPoint presentation as a template for a PPT API presentation, the content from the template presentation appears in the new PPT API presentation.

Access PowerPoint Template Elements

The PPT API uses PowerPoint presentations as templates to generate presentations.

Presentation Format Inheritance

The PPT API allows you to use a PowerPoint template and PPT API format objects and properties to format presentation objects.

Define a Style Using Format Objects

A format object is a MATLAB® program entity that defines the properties and functions of a specific type of presentation format, such as the weight for text (bold or regular).

Use Format Properties

Most PPT API presentation objects (such as a Paragraph object) include properties that you can use to set the format of the content of an object.