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Set default interpolation method for timeseries object


ts = setinterpmethod(ts,interpmethod)
ts = setinterpmethod(ts,fun)
ts = setinterpmethod(ts,interpobj)



ts = setinterpmethod(ts,interpmethod) sets the default interpolation method of a timeseries object. interpmethod can be 'linear' for linear interpolation or 'zoh' for zero-order hold.

ts = setinterpmethod(ts,fun) uses a function handle fun to set the default interpolation method of ts.

ts = setinterpmethod(ts,interpobj) uses a tsdata.interpolation object interpobj to replace the interpolation object stored in ts.


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Set the interpolation method of a timeseries object in three ways.

Create a timeseries object and set the interpolation method to zero-order hold.

ts = timeseries(rand(100,1),1:100);
ts = setinterpmethod(ts,'zoh');

Set the default interpolation method using a function handle.

fun = @(newtime,oldtime,olddata)...
ts = setinterpmethod(ts,fun);

Set the default interpolation method to a tsdata.interpolation object.

interpobj = tsdata.interpolation(fun);
ts = setinterpmethod(ts,interpobj);

Input Arguments

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Input timeseries, specified as a scalar.

Data Types: timeseries

Interpolation method, specified as one of the following options:

  • 'linear' — Linear interpolation

  • 'zoh' — Zero-order hold

Interpolation method handle, specified as a scalar function handle defining the interpolation method. The order of input arguments for the function handle must be newtime, oldtime, and olddata. A single output argument must contain the interpolated data.

Data Types: function_handle

Interpolation object, specified as a tsdata.interpolation object that directly replaces the interpolation object stored in ts.

Introduced before R2006a