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Explicit interface view of .NET object

Since R2023b



    view = NET.interfaceView(obj,typename) creates an explicit view of a .NET object as one of its implemented interfaces. Use view to access members of the .NET interface type typename that are explicitly implemented by obj. For more information, see the MSDN® article Explicit Interface Implementation.


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    Inspect methods of the System.IConvertible interface of a System.String object.

    Create an IConvertible interface object from System.String.

    str = System.String("Hello, world!");
    itf = NET.interfaceView(str,"System.IConvertible");

    System.String has methods such as ToLower which manipulate strings. The interface object has conversion methods to cast the object to different types, such as the datetime type using the ToDateTime method. Compare the output of these commands:


    Input Arguments

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    Object to view, specified as a .NET object that implements an interface.

    Namespace-qualified name of a .NET interface type, specified as a string or a character vector.

    Example: "System.IConvertible"

    Version History

    Introduced in R2023b