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Geographic and HD Maps

HERE HD Live Map data import, streaming geographic map data display, coordinate conversion

You can read and visualize high-definition map data from the HERE HD Live Map (HERE HDLM) web service by using a hereHDLMReader object. You can then use this data to develop localization or other driving algorithms.

To stream geographic coordinates from driving routes on maps hosted by MathWorks® or on maps from other providers, use the geoplayer function. You can also convert between geographic coordinates and local coordinate systems.


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hereHDLMReaderHERE HD Live Map reader (Since R2019a)
readRead HERE HD Live Map layer data (Since R2019a)
plotPlot HERE HD Live Map layer data (Since R2019a)
hereHDLMConfigurationConfigure HERE HD Live Map reader (Since R2019a)
hereHDLMCredentialsSet up or delete HERE HD Live Map credentials (Since R2019a)
geoplayer Visualize streaming geographic map data
plotPositionDisplay current position in geoplayer figure
plotRouteDisplay continuous route in geoplayer figure
addCustomBasemapAdd custom basemap (Since R2019a)
removeCustomBasemapRemove custom basemap (Since R2019a)
latlon2local Convert geographic coordinates to local Cartesian coordinates (Since R2020a)
local2latlonConvert local Cartesian coordinates to geographic coordinates (Since R2020a)