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Audio Labeler

Define and visualize ground-truth labels


The Audio Labeler app enables you to label ground-truth data at both the region level and file level.

Using the app, you can:

  • Create label definitions for consistent and fast labeling.

  • Visualize the time-domain waveform during playback.

  • Interactively specify labels at the file level and region level. You can specify regions by drawing directly on the time-domain waveform.

  • Record new audio to add to your dataset.

The app exports data as a labeledSignalSet object. You can use labeledSignalSet to train a network, classifier, or analyze data and report statistics.

Open the Audio Labeler App

  • MATLAB® toolstrip: On the Apps tab, under Signal Processing and Communications, click the app icon.

  • MATLAB command prompt: Enter audioLabeler.


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Programmatic Use

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audioLabeler opens the app, enabling you to label ground-truth data about audio.

Introduced in R2018b