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Model a Quadcopter Based on Parrot Minidrones

This workflow shows how to use Simulink® to model a quadcopter based on the Parrot® series of minidrones.

For hardware integration, this procedure requires the installation of the Simulink Support Package for Parrot Minidrones.

  1. Follow the steps in Quadcopter Modeling and Simulation based on Parrot Minidrone to open a Simulink project with the asbQuadcopter model and load the required workspace variables.

  2. Run the asbQuadcopter model in normal simulation mode. Navigate through the different subsystems to learn about the modeling hierarchy and quadcopter dynamics. You can also view the Simulink 3D Animation of the model. For more information, see Quadcopter Modeling and Simulation based on Parrot Minidrone.

Quadcopter in flight

Each aspect of the quadcopter implementation details are described in these steps:

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