"Applied Autonomous Robots II" Courseware

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Applied Autonomous Robots II

Course Materials Include:

  • Syllabus
  • 10 Lectures
  • Problem Sets
  • Projects

Applied Autonomous Robots II

By Professor M. Ani Hsieh
Mechanical Engineering
Drexel University

This is a two-quarter course that addresses the problems of controlling and motivating robots to act intelligently in dynamic, unpredictable environments. Lectures are complemented by project-based assignments, discussions, and in-class student presentations. The course focuses on the robot perception problem. Major topics includes robot vision, visual serving, and state estimation techniques. Projects focus on programming actual robots to perceive and react to their environment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Knowledge of image processing and computer vision.
  • Ability to program and debug actual autonomous robots.
  • Develop problem solving and teamwork skills through hands-on projects.