Get an On-Demand License for MATLAB Parallel Server

If you have short-term needs for scaling, you may benefit from MATLAB Parallel Server™ on-demand licensing. Using on-demand licensing, you can scale on clusters and clouds and pay only for what you use.

When using MATLAB Parallel Server on-demand, MathWorks® will charge your credit card monthly, in arrears, for the accrued worker-hours of your compute jobs. You are solely responsible for any additional billing for infrastructure and resources that you may incur.

To determine if you are eligible to use on-demand licensing, refer to the requirements and availability section below.

Obtain an On-Demand License Through MATLAB

The Create Cloud Cluster workflow in MATLAB can automatically create a new MATLAB Parallel Server on-demand license for you.  If you already have access to a MATLAB Parallel Server online license, the Create Cloud Cluster workflow will automatically use that online license, instead of creating a new on-demand license.

If you are a student or staff at an educational institution with a Campus-Wide License, you will be automatically linked to your MATLAB Parallel Server online campus license and you will not need an on-demand license.

To access the Create Cloud Cluster workflow in MATLAB:

  1. Click the Parallel menu on the MATLAB toolstrip, then click Create and Manage Clusters.
Step 1
  1. In the Cluster Profile Manager, select Create Cloud Cluster and complete the required steps.
Step 2