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I have a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from University of Wisconsin-Madison. My interests include classical and meshfree Finite Element Analysis, Shape Optimization, Topology Optimization, numerical computing, and CAD. I currently work at MathWorks as an Application Support Engineer. I am also passionate about music and yoga/meditation.


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Flagging points with a different color when they are above a threshold line in a scatter plot
Hi, I do not fully understand your picture. However, I think this is what you need. The following code colors points to the l...

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Multiple points on plot into one point
Hi, It is not clear what you are trying to do here. I am assuming this is what you want : You have 4 points as follows : ...

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Integration on 2D domain
Hi, There are many possible solutions : *Solution 1 :* The simplest is to use the principle of superposition due to lin...

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Software maintance service?
Software Maintenance is an annual program offered to users which provides for Technical Support, software updates, and license c...

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How could i extract the mass matrix and the stiffness matrix from equation M *X''+K*X=0 what i am asking for is M(5X5) AND K(5X5) c
Hi Mohamed, I am assuming you want to extract M and K matrices of a free vibration problem in MATLAB's PDE toolbox. You can u...

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Defining non constant coefficients for solvepde (thermal simulation)
Hello LittlFren, I believe you are talking about the 'region' and 'state' objects that are passed as input to the 'applyBound...

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Hankelize a matrix
Similar to < Problem 42501. Toeplitize a matrix>, ...

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