Software maintance service?

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Jakob Schrott
Jakob Schrott am 30 Okt. 2017
Kommentiert: Ambrose am 19 Jul. 2022
I bought the student bundle. And in my Account I can renew my software maintance service. What does this exactly mean?. Can I use Matlab just for one year and than I have to rebuy the license.?

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Vaidyanathan Thiagarajan
Vaidyanathan Thiagarajan am 2 Nov. 2017
Software Maintenance is an annual program offered to users which provides for Technical Support, software updates, and license configuration changes.
You can obtain information about Software Maintenance Service program on the web at:
In order to make any changes to your license (i.e. add product, move product to the license, change the license option) or to receive product updates, the license must be under valid Maintenance. If you allow the Maintenance on your MathWorks license to expire you will not be permitted to make any changes to your license until your Maintenance Agreement is renewed.
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Christian Cahig
Christian Cahig am 7 Jan. 2022
@Ambrose thanks for pointing that out. MathWorks is weird.
Ambrose am 19 Jul. 2022
The answer fails to make clear that you can make changes (removing products) that will effectively destroy your ability to ever use it again - unless you pay for new maintenance.

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