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How to set the plot start to zero ? I have some measurements. On the x label, they start from 0 to 6, but from 1 I can see something change on
Like the previous answer said: be sure to plot x values AND y values. MATLAB allows you to plot data in the form: data = rand...

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How can you create event points with continuous data?
Here's a quick method to do this using diff. It's possible to put this all into one compact line, but left it "spread out" here ...

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I have a matrix [301,4201] and I would like to select only the values ​​ >=1.5.
This might help. The example below uses a random 10x10 matrix as a placeholder to demo the "find" command. dummy_data = rand(10...

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Tachometer outputting increased value under load erroneously
There's several things that could explain this behavior: Your code is detecting transitions from the sensor as high/low. If the...

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For loop to replace n/a with NaN in a table
Here's an answer - not elegant or vectorized, but it should work. This uses the test file listed earlier as the input. Given t...

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