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Before Engineer, Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (MIIT), scientific-research laboratory of automatic railroad train control. Have been worked with methods for estimating model parameters of the new train, model for estimating energy consumption of train of control modes, estimating efficient of the regenerative braking, programs for energy efficient modes and timetables calculating (resource allocation tasks) that were proved and introduced on the few Moscow metro lines,

Now application engineer in Russia.
Professional Interests: physical modeling, control systems, data analysis, optimization


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adding single quotation to a string
sprintf('STRING=''"%s"''','MY STRING')

3 Monate ago | 0

Column/multi selection mode
also was looking for multi line selection, have made this function to open file in notepad++. Can be used to fast open in any e...

6 Monate ago | 3


the function will open active in editor file in npp in the corresponding line

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How to use Simulink.Bus.createMATLABStruct function with Simulink Data Dictionaries
you can also try next code: dd_name=get_param('Model Name','DataDictionary'); scope =; ...

mehr als 2 Jahre ago | 2

NET assembly unload conundrum
The same problem in R2016a

fast 5 Jahre ago | 0


Connect blocks in a model
Connect the blocks in the model to produce the following signal: <<

etwa 5 Jahre ago

Java error when opening fig files
the same problem

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Celsius to Kelvin
Degrees Celsius = Kelvin - 273.15

etwa 6 Jahre ago


Select every other element of a vector
Write a function which returns every other element of the vector passed in. That is, it returns the all odd-numbered elements, s...

fast 7 Jahre ago


Hydraulics Circuit with load
Hello, I'm trying to uderstand next example, like this one <

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Using Simulink Coder to build models using OPC toolbox blocks '.TLC files missing'
The same problem and no answer anywhere!

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Given a circular pizza with radius _z_ and thickness _a_, return the pizza's volume. [ _z_ is first input argument.] Non-scor...

mehr als 7 Jahre ago


Is my wife right?
Regardless of input, output the string 'yes'.

mehr als 7 Jahre ago


Make the vector [1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10]
In MATLAB, you create a vector by enclosing the elements in square brackets like so: x = [1 2 3 4] Commas are optional, s...

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Times 2 - START HERE
Try out this test problem first. Given the variable x as your input, multiply it by two and put the result in y. Examples:...

mehr als 7 Jahre ago