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MATLAB Functions for Computing Inter-Observer Reliability

fast 3 Jahre ago | 3 downloads |


How can I automatically detect and log changes to a USB joystick's position connected via vrjoystick?
I have a USB joystick that I would like to record the position of at a high frequency in MATLAB 2017a. I understand that I ca...

fast 4 Jahre ago | 0 answers | 0



how adjust SVM classifier prediction threshold in matlab
The output of the "predict" function of an SVM implementation will be a vector of size N, where N is the number of examples you ...

mehr als 5 Jahre ago | 1

How to display outputs from m file to GUI
You can display the plots on an axis that you create on the GUI figure. For text, you could also put it on an axis using the tex...

fast 6 Jahre ago | 0

| accepted

multiply a matrix by a specific value from a vector
Let's use a cleaner example: a = 5; b = [1,2,3,4;5,6,7,8]; c = [0.5,1.0,1.5,2.0]; So if I want to multiply the mat...

fast 6 Jahre ago | 1

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Using variables created by one .m file in another
You can make qL1 a < global variable>. For example, on project.m put the ...

fast 6 Jahre ago | 9

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Accessing data in a cell array
Hopefully this will give you some clues: c = cell(1,2); c{1} = ['abcd';'efgh']; c{2} = [1,2,3,4;5,6,7,8]; c = ...

fast 6 Jahre ago | 1

Deselect uimenus after click in GUI
Unfortunately, Jan's solution didn't work for me either. These aren't ideal solutions, but I have found that this behavior can b...

etwa 6 Jahre ago | 0

vlc media player invoking
I assume you are invoking VLC through ActiveX. You need to send it a video file in the MRL format in order to have it play corre...

etwa 6 Jahre ago | 1

Change time display of Windows Media Player using an ActiveX Control within a GUI
You can hide the duration information from WMP by changing the uiMode to none: axctl = actxcontrollist; index = strcmp(a...

mehr als 6 Jahre ago | 0

one frame of audio
info = audioinfo('1.mp3'); [y,Fs] = audioread('1.mp3'); Let's say that 1.mp3 is a stereo (i.e., two channel) audio file ...

mehr als 6 Jahre ago | 0

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How can I prevent or recover from a "joystick device error" during timer callback?
Ok, success! Recovery can be solved by restarting the joystick within the catch-statement of a try-catch block. Does anyone have...

mehr als 6 Jahre ago | 1


How can I prevent or recover from a "joystick device error" during timer callback?
I have a script that repeatedly reads the position of a joystick initiated by vrjoystick() using read(). The repetition is curre...

mehr als 6 Jahre ago | 1 answer | 0