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Wonsang You

Children's National Medical Center

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I have researched on the branch of neuroimaging, signal processing, and computer vision. My recent research interests include resting state fMRI analysis, and functional brain network modeling. Professional Interests: Neuroimaging, signal processing


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I dont know how to script this operation.
Try the following code. function s = sumUp(X) s = 0; for s=1:length(X) s = s + X(s); end end

etwa 5 Jahre ago | 1

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Error when using Max command in a function
Your function has no logical problem. Please make sure your argument y should be a numerical vector not logical.

etwa 5 Jahre ago | 1

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How to assign variables to imported data columns
Let's assume that you have the text file, including numbers of 4000 rows and 2 columns, called "data.txt". Then, try the followi...

etwa 5 Jahre ago | 10

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Speed up loading a single variable from a large mat file
I was trying to load a single variable 'data' from a large .mat file (>2GB) using the following command in MATLAB R2016b on Mac ...

etwa 5 Jahre ago | 1 answer | 0



Generate comma separated list in single line of code?
Please try the following command. subsref(repmat({'A'},1,4),struct('type','()','subs',{{':'}}))

mehr als 5 Jahre ago | 1

how to append variables in a specific .mat file in a specific path
Assume that you want to save Var into 'data.mat'. Run the following code. Var = 3; A = load('data.mat'); save('...

mehr als 5 Jahre ago | 0


Error in Installing MinGW-w64 C/C++ Compiler
To install the MinGW-w64 C/C++ Compiler on Windows 10 with MATLAB R2016b, I used the Add-Ons menu. However, I got the following ...

mehr als 5 Jahre ago | 1 answer | 1



How to use function?
A lot of computer vison-based methods are present. Example codes can be downloaded from the <

etwa 6 Jahre ago | 0

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MATLAB is running really slow.
If you had a parallel computing toolbox as well as its compatible hardware (either CPUs or GPUs), you could be helpful to accele...

mehr als 8 Jahre ago | 0


Gamma divergence
Dear MATLAB advanced users, I am wondering about whether there exist any MATLAB implementation of the Gamma divergence. I wis...

mehr als 10 Jahre ago | 0 answers | 0