Error in Installing MinGW-w64 C/C++ Compiler

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Wonsang You
Wonsang You on 14 Jan 2017
Commented: EREN ÇAKMAK on 13 Dec 2020
To install the MinGW-w64 C/C++ Compiler on Windows 10 with MATLAB R2016b, I used the Add-Ons menu. However, I got the following error message:
"There was a problem installing the third-party software. To resolve this issue, contact Technical Support"
Then, when I run "mex -setup", I got the following error:
mex -setup
Error using mex
No supported compiler or SDK was found. You can install the freely available MinGW-w64 C/C++ compiler; see Install MinGW-w64
Could you please help me to solve this problem?

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Answers (1)

Luke on 13 Apr 2017
Thanks for this. Works well.


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