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i have loaded .xls file but only numeric values are only imported, character are not imported in it
Hello, Pavithra. You have not explained which method you used to "load" the ".xls" file, but I am guessing you might have u...

mehr als 6 Jahre vor | 1

CIE-LCH colorspace range for skin color detection
The syntax looks wrong. Refer to <> Try perhaps: if (C >= 11.64 ...

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car counting. speed calculation
Hi, Ben, Walter & A7mad. For me, I'd be concerned, if setting up two 'lines' at different distances along the road, about t...

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What are the answers to the Associate Exam Practice Questions?
The questions are more difficult than they might appear. After testing in MATLAB I could confirm the correct answers, and I rec...

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How can I get the new position coordinates of my object after I rotate it using the HGTRANSFORM function?
Two short follow-up points: (1) It doesn't seem to be necessary to split the manual transformation into two separate steps ...

fast 9 Jahre vor | 0

How do I install additional toolboxes into an existing installation of MATLAB?
The answer by the MathWorks Support Team focusses on Toolboxes that are supplied and licensed by MathWorks. (Which also appeared...

etwa 9 Jahre vor | 12