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Link Axes in App Designer
In AppDesigner I link the XLim property. It may be required to make the listener a private property of the app. app.linkXLim = ...

27 Tage ago | 0

How to use for loop in this problem
Maybe this helps. tbl = array2table(b); tbl.b1 tbl.b2 tbl.b3 % see also tbl.Properties

27 Tage ago | 0

How to get cursor info in UIaxes
In Appdesigner you have the option to evaulate the 'CurrentPoint' property of your Axes control within a MouseMoveCallback meth...

etwa ein Monat ago | 0

Call MATLAB function in appdesigner
Your function has no arguments and no return value. So just use app.inicio() to call your function. But it seems that this is o...

etwa ein Monat ago | 0

Error: The class uint64 does not map to a 64-bit C type.
Try to use the .net System.Convert class methods. i.e. System.Convert.ToInt64( <yourVal> )

etwa ein Monat ago | 0

Matlab App Designer: update fields in GUI from callback
Add a custom event to your app and send a notification to the calling instance when then app will be closed. You have the option...

etwa ein Monat ago | 0

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can we use msgbox and inputdlg together to get input in app designer matlab
You can build your custom dialog as an appdesigner app and call it from your main app. You will have full access to any uicontro...

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Compare two strings with some restrictions
strEx = "!AIVDM,1,1,,A,137JlD52h0P9tdRGbCQSm0kV0<1p,0*4C0053 !AIVDM,1,1,,B,13EsReP00009vQ`Gbj65gPiV00Sd,0*7B0053"; % check/modi...

8 Monate ago | 1


The Piggy Bank Problem
Given a cylindrical piggy bank with radius g and height y, return the bank's volume. [ g is first input argument.] Bonus though...

8 Monate ago


Times 2 - START HERE
Try out this test problem first. Given the variable x as your input, multiply it by two and put the result in y. Examples:...

mehr als ein Jahr ago

forcing try catch loop during using another script
The analyze script should return a result code to be evaluated. To catch any analyze fail use the assert function. Error codes c...

fast 3 Jahre ago | 0

Undefined function or variable
The check_value variable will not be initialized and if there's no condition met the error occurs. Initialize check_value at f...

fast 3 Jahre ago | 1

How can I use ginput in app designer?
You can define a ButtonDownFcn callback that delivers 'Hit' event data for axes, which has an IntersectionPoint property. This i...

mehr als 3 Jahre ago | 2

Is subplot supported in App Designer R2017a and if not when might it be supported?
subplot support for App Designer not before R2018 *b*

mehr als 3 Jahre ago | 0