Get a logical land mass corresponding to your data.
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This function returns a logical array describing the landness of any given lat/lon arrays. Requires Matlab's Mapping Toolbox.
This function uses Matlab's built-in coast.mat file with inpolygons to determining whether input lat/lons are inside or outside perimeters of land areas.

land = landmask(lat,lon)
land = landmask(...,'landmass')
land = landmask(...,quality)

land = landmask(lat,lon) returns logical land array corresponding to the dimensions of input lat and lon. 1 is land, 0 is not land.

land = landmask(...,'landmass') specifies any of the following regions of mask:

'Africa and Eurasia'
'North and South America'
'Baffin Island'
'Ellesmere Island'
'New Guinea'
'Great Britain'
'Victoria Island'
'New Zealand North Island'
'New Zealand South Island'
'Devon Island'

land = landmask(...,quality) specifies quality from 0 to 100. This option is provided because for large data sets, the land mask function can take quite some time. For example, on my laptop, a calculating 180x360 land mask for all continents takes about 65 seconds at 100% quality. Default quality is 95, which takes about 6 seconds for the same dataset on my laptop. The quality setting is only used when calculating the land mask using all of the world's continents. For single land masses, 100% quality is assumed.

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Chad Greene (2024). landmask (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Abgerufen .

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