Ridler-Calvard image thresholding

Threshold an image using the Ridler-Calvard algorithm
Aktualisiert 12. Nov 2013

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I wasn't satisfied with the existing matlab implementations of the Ridler-Calvard algorithm, so I wrote my own.

Besides returning the threshold value, the function can also return the thresholded (binary) image.

The function also allows one to apply a log transform to the image prior to thresholding. The log transform may result in a better threshold, if the variance of the foreground is considerably higher than the variance of the background.

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Jake Hughey (2024). Ridler-Calvard image thresholding (https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/44255-ridler-calvard-image-thresholding), MATLAB Central File Exchange. Abgerufen .

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Added a tolerance to the convergence.