MLIB - toolbox for analyzing spike data

Set of functions for the basic analysis of spike data from neurophysiological experiments
Aktualisiert 27. Mai 2015

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MLIB is a software package for the analysis of the spike data, ie patterns of extracellularly recorded action potentials. In particular, MLIB contains functions for a) assessing spike sorting quality / unit isolation, and b) constructing all sorts of peri-stimulus time histograms as well as raster displays and spike density functions constructed with various filter kernels.

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Maik Stüttgen (2024). MLIB - toolbox for analyzing spike data (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Abgerufen .

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Version Veröffentlicht Versionshinweise

- new function: mcvar.
- mrocr.m now handles vectors holding floating-point numbers
- modified mpsth.m and mcheck.m in quite a few ways - see comments in file.
- see individual functions' histories for more
did some polishing for mcheck, msdf, mwave;
added new tool test_msdf for testing different filter kernels in msdf for real and simulated spike train data

mlib v5 contains three new functions for spike analysis - mnspx, mreshape, mwa. See text file for functionality. Also, some (minor) bug fixes have been done.

debugged mwave
added some documentation info

added function mwave.m to compute spike width

minor modifications to msdf and checkunit; see notes therein