How can i give more accurate initial conditions ?

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Jules Dumont
Jules Dumont am 16 Aug. 2021
Beantwortet: Yifeng Tang am 29 Jul. 2022
I am trying to reproduce the brachial artery to study the flow of blood inside it and the evolution of pressure especially, but i do not know exactly where the error is coming from. In the message it says it is coming from initial conditions but I do not know where to enter those conditions or how to change them.
Thanks for your help.

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Yifeng Tang
Yifeng Tang am 29 Jul. 2022
The pump module has no input (velocity or torque) at the shaft. The system of equations is missing conditions needed to start the simulation.
Before you add any input though, consider using a simpler source block, like flow rate source or pressure source to drive your model first. Start with small specified flow or pressure. Take your time to compare what you see in the Simscape Results Explorer to any reference data you may have. A reasonable set of parameters are especially important in modeling these fluid systems.


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