Can I save different variables inside of a for loop?

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Hello everyone.
I am working with a code in which 50 variables have to be saved. Each of them is a row of a matrix. I am trying to implement this as
for i=1:50
element_of_the_ensemble=i;%de 1 a 50
matriz_a_enviarX_1_of_50=zeros(size(windX_in_the_node,1), 3);
matriz_a_enviarY_1_of_50=zeros(size(windY_in_the_node,1), 3);
save('Xdata_'+i+'_of_50', 'matriz_a_enviarX_1_of_50')
save('Ydata_'+i+'_of_50', 'matriz_a_enviarY_1_of_50')
I have based this attempt in this other question. Unfortunately, I obtain an error.
Error using save
Must be a text scalar.
Error in read_data (line 619)
save('Xdata_'+i+'_of_50', 'matriz_a_enviarX_1_of_50')
So, it seems that my idea doesn't work.
Can someone please tell me if I can really automate this process?
Best regards.

Accepted Answer

Scott MacKenzie
Scott MacKenzie on 10 Aug 2021
Edited: Scott MacKenzie on 10 Aug 2021
Create the desired name of the file as a string or character variable, then use that variable with the save command. For example,
filename = sprintf('Xdata_%d_of_50', i);
save(filename, 'matriz_a_enviarX_1_of_50')

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Andreas Mittnacht
Andreas Mittnacht on 10 Aug 2021
Hi Jaime,
  1. for better performance do calculation without a loop
  2. to save data, use
save('Xdata_%d_of_50', i 'matriz_a_enviarX_1_of_50')
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Jaime De La Mota Sanchis
Jaime De La Mota Sanchis on 10 Aug 2021
Thanks for the answer. However, if I implement it I obtain the following error:
Error using save
Must be a text scalar.
Error in read_data (line 619)
save('Xdata_%d_of_50', i, 'matriz_a_enviarX_1_of_50')
I have tested if I need another comma after the i, but the error persists.

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