How to suppress the editor's automatic code analysis checking the filename?

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Andres on 12 Sep 2013
Commented: Andres on 20 Nov 2013
Hi everyone,
the Matlab R2013b editor's automatic code analysis now displays an error (red sign) at the end of the file if the filename 'is not formed from a valid MATLAB identifier'.
I intentionally use file names containing spaces for some sort of scripts that I do not run from the command line or from within other m-files, and that are not located inside the matlab path. Instead I use 'run and advance', 'evaluate entire file' etc.
The red sign disturbs me. How can I suppress this without deactivating the whole code analysis?
I looked at Preferences -> MATLAB -> Code Analyzer but I didn't find the appropriate option.
Thanks for your support,
kind regards

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Jan on 12 Sep 2013
While I do not know how to suppress the message of the code analysis, replacing the spaces by underscores in the file names would be very easy.
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Andres on 20 Nov 2013
Thanks for the idea, Jan, but I'm not willing to rename a heap of files. I've filed a service request.

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