Create variable with name from other variable string

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My question is, if i have a string variable, coulf i assing that string as a name for a new variable?
For example, if i have
name_string = 'name_var';
can i have
name_var = 5;
somehow wihouth me writing the actual code?

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Joseph Cheng
Joseph Cheng am 26 Jun. 2021
While it is not adviseable to have variables created in this way maybe you have a good reason to but still un-adviseable but here you go:
name_str = 'name_var';
eval(sprintf('%s = 5',name_str))
name_var = 5
disp([name_str 'has been assigned to ' num2str(name_var)])
name_varhas been assigned to 5
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Victor Andrés Sánchez Zurita
Hello!! Thank you very much for the answer,
Of course I can give the simplified context,
I have an excel file with some names and some related number codes, i will read the excel list and do some math operations with the code and then generate a "NAME_CODE.mat" file so i can email each pearson their files, no one can have access to another person file.
Stephen23 am 28 Jun. 2021
Bearbeitet: Stephen23 am 28 Jun. 2021
@Victor Andrés Sánchez Zurita: nothing in your description requires dynamically named variables.
Most likely this is a complex and inefficient approach to processing your data.

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