how to rotate a graphic object using a button press

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Hi, im trying to rotate a graphic object using a button press but i can understand what im doing wrong. the code is running but not responding to keypress. basicaly im drawing a 3d star in different colors and i want to allow it to rotete in one direction when pressing + and in the oter direction if pressing any other key. and end if i press escape. I have a feeling im not using KeyPressFcn right but couldnt understand what im doing wrong.
here is my code if true % code function main() clear all; clc; close all;
fig=figure('KeyPressFcn',@keypress); ax = axes('XLim',[-1.5 1.5],'YLim',[-1.5 1.5],... 'ZLim',[-1.5 1.5]); view(3); grid off; axis off ; whitebg([0 .5 .6]); daspect([1,1,1]); [x, y, z] = cylinder([.2 0]); h(1) = surface(x,y,z,'FaceColor','red'); h(2) = surface(x,y,-z,'FaceColor','green'); h(3) = surface(z,x,y,'FaceColor','blue'); h(4) = surface(-z,x,y,'FaceColor','cyan'); h(5) = surface(y,z,x,'FaceColor','magenta'); h(6) = surface(y,-z,x,'FaceColor','yellow'); t = hgtransform('Parent',ax); set(h,'Parent',t) set(gcf,'Renderer','opengl') drawnow
Rz = eye(4); flag=0; angle=0; while flag==0 % Z-axis rotation matrix Rz = makehgtform('zrotate',angle); % Concatenate the transforms and % set the hgtransform Matrix property set(t,'Matrix',Rz) waitforbuttonpress ; drawnow; end
function keypress(src,event) fprintf('im here') if strcmp(event.Character,'escape') flag=1; else if event.Character == '+' angle=angle+5; else angle=angle-5; end end end end end

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