Loss of resolution with imread?

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A on 27 May 2011
I am loading some images to another program using imread, and I have noticed that the resolution for some graphs that are saved as jpeg images is drastically reduced when I load them. Unfortunately it is so reduced that the images are now unsable. Has anyone else run into this problem, and is there any way to remedy it? I have also tried with tif files, but the problem persists.

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A on 27 May 2011
Switched the image type to pnf and the resolution problem was solved.

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Jan on 27 May 2011
IMREAD does not reduce the resolution of the images. The problem must have happened at "save as jpeg". How did you do that?
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A on 27 May 2011
my image is saved with saveas(gcf, title, 'jpg'), however when I open the jpeg image from its folder the resolution is fine (however, the resolution is definitely better with the pdf version of the file, but I cannot edit this). Opened from the folder the resolution is fine, then displayed once loaded from my program the resolution is drasatically reduced.

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