Array indices must be positive integers or logical values

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mounika am 10 Mai 2021
Kommentiert: mounika am 10 Mai 2021
Hello All,
I am trying to rearrange the elements in a matrix based on index values using matrix indexing.
I have tried multiple times, checked each and every element in the matrix - every element is positive and >0 and <1504 (length of matrix). I wonder why I still get this error
Kindly, help me with this.
Please find the attachments for the required matrices and data. The following is the command I used:
Output = input_sequence(IntOutAdr);

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Stephen23 am 10 Mai 2021
"every element is positive and >0"
S = load('data_req.mat')
S = struct with fields:
IntOutAdr: [1×1504 double] input_sequence: [1×1504 double]
ans = 1481

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David Fletcher
David Fletcher am 10 Mai 2021
Error is caused by element 1481 of IntOutAdr which is 0 - this will cause an indexing error


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