Select the content of a cell of an array as variable name in a dataset?

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Manuel on 10 Jul 2013
I would like to change the dataset variable name with the content of one cell of another array but I got this error:
Error using dataset/subsasgnDot (line 31) NEWNAMES must be a nonempty string or a cell array of nonempty strings.
The comand used is :
test.Properties.VarNames{1} = raw(1:1);
And the content of raw(1:1) is 'type of device', since raw is a read xls appears the name between ''.
Thanks in advance,

Accepted Answer

Jan on 10 Jul 2013
Please post the type of raw(1). I guess this will work:
test.Properties.VarNames{1} = raw{1}; % Curly braces

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