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How to get Data type of workspace loaded variables and how add that datatypes using script?

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I have a .m files in that file many variales are created and loaded in workspace also but i want to add all the datatypes as bytes. can you tell me how to do?
Like uint8 as 1byte
uint16 as 2 byte so totally 3 bytes.
Thanks in advance.
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Steven Lord
Steven Lord am 16 Apr. 2021
Okay, let's say for sake of argument that the sizes of the various properties added up to 420 bytes.
Why is that important? How are you going to use that information?

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Xingwang Yong
Xingwang Yong am 13 Apr. 2021
numBytes = sum([s.bytes]);
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Stephen23 am 15 Apr. 2021
You are only counting the number of bytes in the object handle. If you want to count the bytes in all attributes/properties of the object itself, then try one of the methods outlined in the links I showed you.

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