Real-Time Code Execution Profiling -- how to understand the results?

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I followed Real-Time Code Execution Profiling steps and recorded some data. How to understand this result, i.e. how to see if my application code is overflowing or not.
Output from executionProfile.timeline
Output from
In my application code, I have several sampling times
  1. Discrete 1: 50.0000e-006 (period)
  2. Discrete 2: 100.0000e-006 (period)
  3. Discrete 3: 1.0000e-003 (period)
  4. Constant: Inf
  5. Hybrid: N/A
How to know if I need to increase sample time, modify the fundamental frequency, move the code from one sample time to another, remove the code, etc?
In the report I can see only 5e-5 sample time (ADC and filtering application code), but not 1e-4 (control) and 1e-3 (digital outputs and constants).

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