how to plot a 2D graph on top of a 3D surf

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DuckDuck am 23 Mai 2013
i have a PSD spectrogram and want to plot on top of that a time series graph. In the link is what i want to achieve:<>
Any idea?
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DuckDuck am 23 Mai 2013
i already created the spectrogram, but i want to put also the timeseries. the spectrogram is the fft of the time series. now i want to put them together and try to figure out the hole thing.

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Iain am 23 Mai 2013
I can't see the link, but if you have a surf, you can simply issue the commands:
hold on
To plot a line arbitrarily over/around/behind your surf. Set x, y or z = to a constant, and you can plot a line on an arbitrary plane.
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DuckDuck am 24 Mai 2013
so this is my code, i built the surf and when i plot the graph i get 'Error using plot3 Vectors must be the same lengths.'
axis tight;
xlabel('Time (Seconds)');
hold on ;

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